Now that the plans for the solar garden in Superior have started advancing forward, it's time to fill it up with subscribers.  Officials with Superior Water Light and Power are reaching out to Superior utility customers to make sure that the spaces available are taken.

From a capacity standpoint, the solar garden - which will be located north of Heritage Park along North 28th Street - will contain 470 one-kilowatt cells; those 470-kilowatts "is large enough to power 115 homes", according to details shared in the Superior Telegram.  As of right now, "75 subscriptions have been sold", which leaves a lot of spaces available.

SWL&P Customer Experience Manager Harper Brickson offered that while the utility is looking to maximize the solar garden, there isn't a required number of subscribers in order to get it off the ground:

"We don't have anything mandated by us to dictate how many subscriptions we have to have to build the garden.  Our internal goal before we broke ground on the project is about 75% of the project subscribed.  So, we have some work to do."

The potential benefits derived from purchasing the solar spaces could be huge.  In the article in the Superior Telegram, Brickson calculated that "people can expect to receive credit for about 1,500 kilowatts of energy generated over the course of a year". Considering that the "average electrical customer uses just under 9,000 kilowatt hours per year", that same customer could potentially cover their entire electrical costs by subscribing to five of the solar cell blocks.

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The anticipated timeline for completion of the project is 2022.  Prior to that time, Superior Water Light and Power will sell the block spaces until there are no more left.  Interested customers can contact Superior Water Light and Power at 715-395-6200, or visit the solar page on the SWLP website.

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