I belong to a web group called Next Door, it's a collection of people from different parts of towns. You can belong to a certain area too. Like me, I belong to Duluth Heights.

It's free and everyone will share information or ask questions to find out why something happened. People post lost dogs, or why they heard an explosion, why the police were in a certain area, problems they are experiencing, recommendations for a plumber, roofer.....you get the idea.

Over the past week on the Next Door site, more and more people are complaining about cars being broken into and people stealing boxes and deliveries from their front porch. The latest thing people are calling people that are stealing packages from cars and homes is "Porch Pirates". I like the name, but I don't like what they are doing. How do you stop them?

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What people are doing on Next Door is telling other people what time it is happening, maybe some of the habits of the thieves so that they can avoid losing a package. Sometimes these people steal them and sell them online.

Here are some examples:

Has anyone in the Denfeld area had packages/mail stolen from their porch?? I’ve lived in this area now for 4 years and it’s just now becoming a problem. I was thinking about getting cameras
Lincoln Park, 2 males, late 20's to mid-'30s, red car. Approximately 10 am today. Ran up on our porch, 2300 block of west 7th street, stole a scooter(It's garbage, lol). Ran to the car and took off. . I have reported this…
Denfeld…thrilled you were able to bring a resolution! It's the sad sad truth that we're going to see more porch pirates the closer we get to the holidays.

There are many more posts about stolen packages and even sharing pictures from their porch cameras. It's hitting every neighborhood with a concentration in the West Duluth Area. Be on the lookout for these people, and maybe leave instructions for the delivery service to lock it up for you or have a neighbor you trust to go get it when it is delivered. One thing I think is great about this Next Door group and app is that people can help each other watch houses like the old days.

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