Porch pirates are the worst. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it's used to describe degenerates that steal delivery packages from porches. It's a huge drain on the economy. Finder.com gives us statistics that 5.4 billion dollars are stolen each year from people's porches. How sad is that? Over 35 million Americans each year are victims of this crime. So, when we get a video or a clear shot, we have to share it to find these culprits and bring justice.

Joe Moore is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in the Duluth office. He recently shared a doorbell cam video that shows a long haired male grabbing one of his delivery boxes from his front stoop. This happened on Wednesday morning in Piedmont Heights neighborhood.

Fortunately there wasn't too much stolen in this theft. Joe says all he had was a target box with some lotion in side. So I guess be on the look out for a criminal type person with soft skin. I bet that was a buzz kill for this thief only finding lotion.

He did the right thing and contacted the Duluth Police Department to report the crime. Someone has to know this guy. Here's another still shot too maybe help you recognize him.

Joe Moore Twitter
Joe Moore Twitter

You can see in the video that he looks at both packages, but decides on the smaller top one. I'm a little surprised he didn't try grabbing both of them. I guess I don't know how a porch pirate's mind works.

Either way, if you recognize this person contact the Duluth Police Department. The PD's tip line is (218) 730-5690.

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