UPDATE: The new Force Awakens trailer gave us our best look yet at this mysterious Chrome Stormtrooper character, striding through a classic Imperial design hallway:


Though unnamed and unidentified, the current rumor is that this character is “Captain Phasma,” and possibly played by Game of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie. Further speculation suggests she plays the boss of Finn, John Boyega’s Stormtrooper character, who ultimately defects from the Empire. One thing is clear: A lot of cosplayers are going to need to upgrade their Stormtrooper gear this Halloween.

ORIGINAL POST: We’ve seen tons of leaked photos of Star Wars: Episode 7, from Adam Driver in an unexpected uniform to new filming locations to the Millennium Falcon, but there’s still plenty more over which to geek out. For example, a new image has been revealed that showcases a new breed of Stormtrooper, called a Chrome Trooper.

The site IndieRevolver.com, which may initially sound unreliable to movie fanatics but has proved itself with previous Star Wars: Episode 7 set pics, unveiled an image of this character, rumored to appear in the film for some time.


Stormtrooper, digivolve to Chrome Trooper! (That was a Digimon reference for those thinking we’ve lost our marbles.)

Looking like a much more formal and metallic version of the original design, the Chrome Trooper does not wear a cloak as part of its official design (despite its depiction above), notes IndieRevolver. Instead, "the metal collar stands up from the torso armor and curves up on the sides before dipping down again at the back."

UPDATE: Another photo of the Chrome Trooper has surfaced, again on IndieRevolver.


While it’s unclear how the Chrome Trooper will fit into the plot of Star Wars: Episode 7, actor Oscar Isaac recently spoke to EW and revealed that there will be hundreds of Stormtroopers populating this world, and we know that the animated Star Wars Rebels series will tease and possibly even feature some characters in Episode 7. So, are you into the new Chrome look ... or do you prefer Safari? (Sorry, we had to.)

Star Wars: Episode 7 will hit theaters on December 18, 2015.