It's a topic that's never easy to talk about but is ultimately one that's needed.  When it comes to Advance Care Planning and Healthcare Directives, many families put off the issue or simply chose not to do anything as a result of their inaction.  Officials with St. Luke's in Duluth is aiming to change that and to make the whole process an easier one.

St. Luke's has announced that they'll be holding a series of virtual classes focused around both Advance Care Planning and Healthcare Directives.  One session was already held in February but two additional sessions are planned for March and April.

According to details released by St. Luke's, these virtual classes will be a good starting point for families - from the planning stage to the creation.  Their take on these strategies:

"Creating a healthcare directive eases the decision-making process for your loved ones.  Plus, it ensures your wishes are respected if you are ever unable to communicate them yourself.  Attending one of these classes provides an opportunity to learn about this legal written document and will help you move forward in creating your own."

St. Luke's is making it easy and COVID-19-safe to take part in the sessions.  Along with the virtual-aspect of the programs, the availability for different dates also makes it work easier into different schedules.  Each class is one hour and a half hours in length, and you only need to attend one (i.e. each is an exact duplicate of each other).  The sessions will be led by Sonja Winder, a Hospice Social Worker for St. Luke's.

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Here are the dates and times of the upcoming sessions:

  • Tuesday, March 9 - 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Tuesday, April 13 - 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM

These classes are free. Registration is required however in order to receive the Zoom invitation in your email. Click here for more details.

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