As the COVID-19 vaccination becomes more readily available, medical agencies are cycling through their priority lists to make sure that those who want their shot can get one.  As part of those efforts, a Northland health organization is reaching out to their primary care patients who are age 75 and older in an effort to be pro-active in the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic. Because the current supply of vaccine doses is limited, their administration is being prioritized based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Minnesota Department of Health.

St. Luke's COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic has begun to call their primary care patients to schedule an appointment time.  The current state guidance says that patients 65 and older are eligible to receive their vaccinations, but St. Luke's is focusing on their patients 75-plus right now in order to offer vaccines to those "at highest risk". Patients are being contacted via phone off of a randomized list in order to assure that the vaccines are being distributed fairly.

St. Luke's is able to vaccinate 400 people each day.  Once all of those appointments have been offered to their primary care patients who are age 75 and older, St. Luke's will begin to call from a randomized list of their patients who are 65 and older.  They caution people to have patience, though as that priority demographic includes about 11,000 people.

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For the present time, the vaccinations that St. Luke's will be offering their patients will be administered at their COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic, located at the main hospital - 915 E 1st Street in Duluth.  This location allows for centralized location and administration.  If the situation warrants it, they may expand and add additional vaccination locations in the future.

To get regular updates on the COVID-19 vaccination process at St. Luke's, click here.

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