Life is good in St. Louis County - better than the national benchmarks - but there are areas of concern according to residents.  Results of a recent survey show that residents rank their quality of life pretty high - giving positive scores for recreational opportunities, and as a place to live, work, and raise a family.

Earlier this year, 2,100 county residents received the survey in their mail - at random.  The survey was run by National Research Center, Inc. Administrators say that the survey had a 33% return rate.

One area of concern was the growing opioid epedemic -which received the highest response in questioning.  Other areas of concern include lack of opportunities for young people, condition of the counties roads and bridges, and poverty and homelessness. The lack of jobs also ranked as a concern - but less so than in previous years.

In general, St. Louis County residents pinpointed the following three items as an important focus for county resources:  protect children and vulnerable adults from abuse and neglect, enforce laws and prosecute criminals, and invest in County road infrastructure.

You can see the full survey results by clicking here.


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