A new phone scam is making the rounds in the Northland and it's using a respected agency as it's shield.  Law enforcement officers with the St.Louis County Sheriff's office are alerting citizens that someone is using them as the means to scam potential victims.

The phone scam works this way:  Residents have received phone calls from someone posing as a law enforcement officer, telling the person on the phone that they have "missed Federal Jury Duty and have arrest warrants" out for them. The scammer then goes on to say that the person can clear up those warrants by sending cash or other forms of payment.

Law enforcement agencies do not call citizens demanding immediate payments over the phone - in efforts to clear up warrants.  You're reminded to never disclose financial information or agree to any form of payment over the phone.  If you suspect that you've been approached by a potential scammer, you're asked to contact the authorities immediately.


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