Mental health challenges affect many people at all sorts of stages of their lives.  During the past year especially, a rise in both awareness and cases has been seen in the mental health field.

St. Louis County health officials are looking for ways to improve the mental health services in our area.  In order to maintain that they've garnered input from the community and also solicit input, they're seeking volunteers to help make important decisions for the future.

The county is seeking volunteers who would be willing to serve on the Local Mental Health Advisory Council - which serves the Duluth and surrounding area in the southern part of the county. While the invitation is open to anyone who has an interest, the county is especially seeking candidates that have "lived experience and diverse experiences and perspectives, a loved one with lived experience, and those in the profession or who do volunteer work supporting others". There is a separate advisory council for the northern part of St. Louis County.

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Officials with St. Louis County first established this advisory council in 2020 with the goal of bringing together people of diverse perspectives on mental health in order to improve mental health services in the communities in our area.  As established, this group works to "identify existing resources, and provide recommendations to St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services regarding changes, additions, and improvements needed to local mental health services for children and adults".

As far as commitment goes, the Local Mental Health Advisory Council meets on the third Thursday of each month - from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM.  Advisory council members are asked to commit to serve on the council for two years.

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Interested individuals are invited to check out both the information and the online application that's available on the St. Louis County website.  Deadline for application is December 17.

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