If it seemed like the road crews around St. Louis County were busy this past year- you're right!  The Public Works Department just wrapped-up a record-setting year of accomplishments.

Speaking financially, the county plowed $84.5 million into road and bridge investments - over a course of 204 total projects.  2016 was the first full year of revenue from the Transportation Sales Tax;  meanwhile, the County Board also approved the issuance of two bonds which further accelerated the work on roads and bridges.

Here are some highlights:

26 bridges replaced - 20 built by contractors and 6 built by county staff.

12 miles of culverts replaced.

4 miles of complete road reconstruction

108 miles of pavement preservation projects - such as reclaim overlay, mill overlays, and overlay.

102 miles of preventative maintenance projects - such as chip sealing and micro-surfacing.

15 miles of Gravel Road Investment Program projects.

To read more, click here to visit the announcement from St. Louis County.


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