Sometimes you need to spend a little money to make some.  That's the idea behind the investment into the film and television production incentive that's been established by St. Louis County. The county board recently gave final approval to the program and the application process is already up online - all with a goal of fostering local growth of the production industry talent and workforce.

According to St. Louis County Commissioner Frank Jewel, the investment is double-edges - both for outside companies and internal, local businesses:

"The growth of new industry is essential to diversifying the economy and putting St. Louis County residents to work in the long run. Many people think of writers, producers, actors, and camera operators as those who work on a film set.  But the list of jobs is much longer ranging from lighting and electric, to painters, builders, drivers, hair and makeup, wardrobe, accounting, office and production assistants."

The commissioner also related that many other-relate businesses would benefit.  County collateral details show that hotels, restaurants, printers, hardware, and supply stores would also stand to benefit from television and film productions happening in our area.

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As established, the program would allow productions that have been certified through the application process a rebate of up to 25% of a production's spending for goods, services, and wages that occur in St. Louis County.  As a means of putting their money where their mouth is, St. Louis County has appropriated $1 million towards the program for 2021.

The benefits program will be managed by The Upper Midwest Film Office (UMFO).  Workshops, information, and ways to get involved are available on their website. Click here for all the details.

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