For the last couple of decades, drivers have come to recognize the Adopt-A-Highway signs that populate our roadways and recognize the good work that they showcase.  Now, St. Louis County is getting ready to revamp its program.

The new system makes it easier for volunteers to select a roadway segment, sign up, and it also makes sponsor identification more prominent.  A web page has been setup to accommodate the new Adopt-A-Highway system.  The site also allows existing volunteers the ability to coordinate schedules with others, request trash bags, and get other assistance from Public Works - right online.

New signs have also been introduced as well along the 3,000 miles of highway that are part of the program in St. Louis County.

If you're interested in volunteering and taking part in the program, the commitment is minimal.  Adopt-A-Highway sponsors are asked to clean up their designated road segment at least twice a year.


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