Usually individuals who are about to retire from their chosen occupation and career are excited about sleeping in, spending more time with friends and family, and finally getting the chance to do whatever they want - whenever they want.  As retirement comes for one of the St. Louis County Sheriff's departments most-famous members, you might add a good nap, walks, and maybe an item to fetch once in a while.

Kilo - a K-9 who has served the sheriff's office since 2011 will retire this weekend, transitioning to a full-time family pet for his longtime partner Sargent Brandon Silgjord.  The retirement comes as a result of increasing signs of age-related medical issues for the 9-year old canine.

As a law enforcement dog for St. Louis County, Kilo has been responsible for many great achievements.  A quick look at some of his statistics shows that Kilo has played a very important role in fighting crime for St. Louis County; since first coming into service in October 2011, here is what Kilo has accomplished:

  • Deployments: 291
  • Criminal apprehensions: 37
  • Narcotics/cash seizures: $30,000+
  • Training hours: 1,100+
  • Public demonstrations: 32

While there is no real replacement for Kilo, the St. Louis County Sheriff's Department will obtain another K-9 for similar work.   The cost of a new K-9 is typically $18, 000 to $20,000, - which includes buying and transporting the new dog, plus a 12-week training course necessary for certification. The AMSOIL Northland Law Enforcement K-9 Foundation will assist with a portion of that cost. Anyone wishing to donate to help with remaining expenses can do so at

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