As the end of the year approaches (and a new one shows itself on the horizon), it's important to note any updates you need to make for your information.  One of those updates - if it applies - would be in regards to Homestead Classification in Minnesota.  Officials with St Louis County are urging those people who have moved in the last year that their updated forms are due by Sunday, December 15 in order to process for this tax year.

Homestead Classification is important to those who wish to look for a reduced classification rate, reduced market value, property tax refund and other special program eligibility.  Many property owners in Minnesota are either unaware of the process or mistakenly think that the forms are automatically filed when they buy a home at closing.

To qualify for the Homestead Classification, a property must be occupied as the primary residence on or before December 1, 2019.  It can be occupied by the property owner or by a qualifying relative.  For further information - including rules and a fact sheet, click here.

Failure to meet the December 15 deadline means that property owners will need to wait until the next tax year to apply.  If you are looking to fill out an application, contact the St. Louis County Assessors offices in Duluth:  218-726-2304, Virginia: 218-749-7147, Hibbing:  218-262-6089, Orr: 218-471-7735, or Ely: 218-365-8208.


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