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It's a struggle to get the whole family together to play game night or things to do for kids that don't involve a screen or device.

Here are 5 ideas to have a fun family night, or come up with something for the kids to do that is affordable and makes a great family gift.

TODO Family Edition – Card Games for Kids and Parents

This is a whole box of ideas for the whole family designed to get EVERYONE of their screens and into a room together to have fun. It could be board games, card games, drawing games. It's up to you what to play, but this box gives you the ideas to play together.

Skillmatics Educational Game: Animal Planet - Guess in 10 (Ages 6-99 Years)

You ask 10 questions about the Animal Kingdom, then you guess what kind of animal it is. You only get 10 questions then you have to name the animal. Good game for everyone to play including the Grandparents!!

Never Have I Ever Family Edition 

You've seen it on Ellen, now there is a family edition. Have you ever done something, or said something? Learn about the experiences that members of your family have done.

Watch Ya' Mouth Original Mouthpiece Game

Put on the mouthpiece and then say the words you 've been given. It makes everyone laugh. Fun for the whole family.

Don't Make Me Laugh! The Silly Reinvented Charades Party Game

Play a reinvented charades game that will try to make everyone laugh. If you can do it you win awards and everyone gets to vote. This is a game that promotes creativity and keeps the family laughing.

Everyone wants more Family time, here are some ideas and you don't have to spend a lot of money to have some.

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