This winter, new tools will be waiting on county road to help you battle the inclement weather and changing road conditions.  St. Louis County has just installed remote data sensors and cameras at various locations throughout the Northland.  These units - part of the Roadway Weather Information System - will allow officials real-time data, monitoring weather and road conditions to allow for more-informed decisions.

St. Louis County has placed the sensors and cameras at the following intersections:

  • Maple Grove Road and Stebnar Road in Hermantown
  • Highway 7 and Swan Lake Road in Alborn
  • Townline Road and Vermilion Trail in Makinen
  • Highway 25 and Osborn Road - north of Buhl
  • Highway 21 and Highway 70 in Babbitt

The locations were chosen for their distance from the counties various maintenance garages - allowing greater use of resources.

The sensors will accumulate data on moisture, ice, temperatures, roadway friction, and surface snow depth.



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