As part of their continued efforts to schedule around the response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, St. Louis County has temporarily closed two of its Household Hazardous Waste drop-off sites.  The two sites affected are on the Iron Range in Hibbing and Virginia.

According to information released by St. Louis County as part of the announcement, the closures of the two sites will help with better staffing at the county's canister sites, transfer stations, and the Regional Landfill - all of which remain open at this time.  An estimation of how long the closures would last was not given.

In the meantime, citizens are asked to keep any household hazardous waste items stored on their property until the sites reopen again.  Examples of household hazardous waste include paint, household cleaners, rechargeable batteries, and fluorescent light bulbs.  People who need to make an emergency drop off of household hazardous waste during the shutdown can call 218-741-8831 to arrange an appointment; county staff will try to accommodate as schedules permit them to do so.

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Due to the ever-changing nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic, county residents are encouraged to call the Environmental Service Hotline before driving to any of the county's drop-off sites.  The number for the Environmental Service Hotline is 218-749-9703.  The outgoing hotline message will be updated on a daily basis to alert the general public of any site closures and to provide the most accurate information.

Collateral released by St. Louis County offers that the "Environmental Services provides a comprehensive management system for garbage and recycling for all of the county outside the boundaries of the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District".  Complete information is available on their website.  Click here to view those details.

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