As COVID-19 numbers continue to surge in the area and as the county property tax deadline long passed, the St. Louis County Auditor's Office is reducing its in-person services that are available at the Courthouse in downtown Duluth.  A secure drop-box will still remain operable at the site.

The St. Louis County Auditor's Office had resumed in-person services at the location in a temporary capacity early last month.  The move was to accommodate the increased demand for two of its services:  property tax payments and voting.  Now that the deadline and date for each of those services has passed, the in-person hours have been reduced.  It's worth noting that the office itself will remain open as the final election details are completed.

The level-of-service changes at the downtown Courthouse location don't affect the Auditor's Service Center at the Miller Hill Mall.  That location has recently-reopened after a mandatory five-day closure to convert the service computer system to the new MNDRIVE system that the State of Minnesota migrated to for motor vehicle transactions.

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County residents who need services from the Auditor's Office - especially those needing to make payment for property taxes - can still use the aforementioned secure drop box at the downtown Courthouse location, at the Government Services Center in Virginia, or they can submit their payment by mail or in person at the Auditor's Service Center at the Miller Hill Mall. More details and complete contact information for all of the services provided by the St. Louis County Auditor's Office can be found online by clicking here.

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