A modern vision for land use within St. Louis County is now in effect, thanks to recent action by the County Board.  At a recent meeting, the board approved a new Comprehensive Land Use Plan - which directs all areas of zoning jurisdiction within the government boundaries.

The new plan replaces an existing system of 27 different individual land use plans which had largely been in place since the 1970's.  This new plan provides the blueprint for land use development - including public investment, infrastructure improvements, and intergovernmental cooperation - through 2035.

A series of meetings and input sessions were held to provide the insight needed for the new plan.  24 individual public meetings were held, 8 workshops, and 16 focus groups worked on the final vision for the county.

It's worth noting that while this new Comprehensive Land Use Plan governs the zoning and use for all lands within  the county jurisdiction, it does not replace the existing plans in place for cities, towns, state, and federal lands.  In other words, if land falls under other governmental bodies - and, if they have an existing land use plan - that plan continues to govern the land use.

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