It's the state law; but it hasn't been done in more than two years thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Appraisers from the St. Louis County Assessors Department are set to re-start their in-person property visits, asking property owners to allow an interior inspection.

Because these visits were put on hold during the pandemic, many might be surprised, caught off guard, or unsure of the validity of the visit.  That's why St. Louis County officials are working to get the word out about them so that property owners aren't alarmed.

With the increase in scams, it's worth noting how you could identify whether or not someone coming to your property and home actually is an appraiser or assessor. According to the St. Louis County Assessors Department, here are some ways that you can use to identify the accurate identity of the visitor:

  • Vehicles will be clearly marked as being with St. Louis County
  • Appraisers will have county identification with them and be able to provide it for review

Property owners can decline the request to enter the interior of their dwelling or house. If a resident isn't home at the time of the visit, the appraiser will leave a business card to let them know that they have done a walk-around exterior inspection of the home.  That card will also provide details on how the property owner can request a return visit for an interior inspection.

Assessments are necessary to determine value to a property as part of the tax process.  According to state law, physical inspections are to be done as part of the assessment process at least once every five years.

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These in-person appraisals are done to ensure that property data is accurate and up to date.  Assessors collect data to determine a property's estimated market value and classification.  It's worth noting that they do not in turn set the property tax rates.

Here is a provide list of what communities can expect to see a visit from the St. Louis County Assessor's Department during the summer 2022 season - listed in geographic order:

  • City of Duluth - western portion
  • Solway Township
  • Brevator Township
  • Grand Lake Township
  • Industrial Township
  • City of McKinley
  • White Township
  • New Independence Township
  • Northland Township
  • Cotton Township
  • Ellsburg Township
  • City of Aurora
  • City of Biwabik
  • Biwabik Township
  • City of Gilbert
  • City of Hibbing - some portions
  • City of Ely
  • Unorganized Township 56-16
  • Unorganized Township 57-16

Assessments done during the summer 2022 season will be used to set the estimated market values for 2023, which are then used as a basis to determine property taxes due in 2024.

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