Starting April 1, a new process will be added to land transactions in St. Louis County - designed to add a layer of protection to sales involving split parcels.  At their last meeting, the St. Louis County Board unanimously voted to require the county's Planning and Community Development Department to review all parcel creations and splits prior to the Auditor's Office recording the change.

The step is being added to protect landowners who are dealing with split or subdivided parcels from any mistakes that could block them from using or accessing their land in the way they wanted.  It will also help alleviate future boundary disputes and help to maintain that landowners are compliant with various zoning regulations.

The move follows a change to the state statute from the Minnesota legislature.  That change allowed counties - if they wanted to - the authority to review deeds before the county Auditor transfers or divides the land in the official records.  Metro cities already had this authority, but local counties did not until the statute changed in 2017.

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