What's more "all-American" than a good, greasy cheeseburger - fresh from the grill - topped with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, a pickle, some mustard, and smothered in ketchup!  Since the hamburgers invention, folks have been spreading ketchup on them to compliment and finish them off.  About the only thing that's changed in the hamburger-ketchup relationship was the invention and proliferation of squeeze-type containers to deliver the ubiquitous red condiment.

Now an upstart ketchup company wants to change that.

Bo's Fine Foods has developed a Kickstarter project to garner financial support for their new invention:  sliced ketchup!  Yes, you ready that right - they're making sliced ketchup and according to the companies website, it'll revolutionize the way we use the product.

If you can't visualize the ways in which sliced ketchup is an improvement to the pour-able or squirtable style, their website offers the following list of benefits:  the slices are less messy, easier to use, and are perfect for backyard barbecue, picnicking, or camping settings.



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