This is from an investigation with the Duluth Paranormal Society front October 4th, 2012  At this time I was able to try a new tool for our group called the Spirit Box.

The Theory is the spirit can manipulate the white noise to be able to talk and manipulate the sound. What you listen for is talking in between the noise, if there are several words strung together by the same voice that is what is believed to be the spirit talking to you.

We visited what we were told to be "hot spots" and had no luck. It was just noise and nothing else. So we went into the Haunted Ship maze and settled on a second-floor landing in the boiler room, then, after 20 minutes of nothing, we got something.

Then we went to where there was a grandfather clock. We were told the clock was haunted. When we did a spirit box session there, we're able to capture an hour of spirits speaking to us, here are about 2 minutes in a Youtube video.

The sound is hard to hear so you may want to listen again and again. I have and found that we missed some of the voices that came through. I tried to put the words on the screen and also you can hear us saying the words to the camera.

After the investigation, we try to listen over and over to see if we missed something or if we didn't hear the word right. Sometimes like me, I missed what they were talking about I talk on the radio not that we are using a radio.

I have included the words that we hear so that you might "hear" them, if you hear differently, please put what you hear in the comments.

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