South Dakota is dealing with a meth problem that is growing at an alarming rate.  Their new awareness campaign, however, is not being met with universal praise.

According to story shared by our media partners at

Gov. Kristi Noem on Monday launched the nearly half-million-dollar campaign to increase awareness of South Dakota’s methamphetamine epidemic. The campaign includes a new TV ad, billboards, posters and a website .

The slogan an ad agency out of Minneapolis came up with was supposed to show how the meth epidemic impacts everyone.  However, having a logo that says 'Meth. We're On it.' superimposed over the South Dakota state outline may not be the best of ideas.

As part of a larger campaign from the video above, the slogan makes sense.  However, just looking at the logo below makes it seem like the entire state of South Dakota is on meth.

South Dakota’s Department of Social Services reportedly paid nearly $449,000 to create this campaign idea, but they way want to adjust it.  Perhaps, 'Meth. We're Fighting It.' wouldn't sound like such a defeated stance.


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