This story makes my blood boil, why would someone do this on purpose?

Ryan Redington, a musher who has made appearances in both the Iditarod and John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon, says in a Facebook post that while he was out with his dog team on Saturday between Hughes and Iron River, "a snowmobile purposely went on to the left side of the trail at a high rate of speed and struck multiple dogs."

Redington reports that the driver of the snowmobile was cruising down the right side of the trail when all of a sudden he increased his speed and turned toward Redington and his team, "I saw it happening and I knew I had to tip my sled to the right off the trail or otherwise he was going to connect with my sled and me."

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The driver and snowmobile hit the dog nearest to the dogsled, breaking its back legs in three different spots, another dog also suffered a broken leg in the incident. The driver of the snowmobile did not stop after the incident and continued east on the Tri-Counties corridor.

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A police report was filed with the Bayfield County Sheriff’s Office and anyone with information is asked to contact them or any law enforcement agency.

Redington has been around dog racing his entire life, his grandfather, Joe Redington Sr., was the founder of the world-famous Iditarod race. He has run his dogs across Alaska and many of the 48 lower states, he trains in the winter and spring near Ashland, WI, and spends the summer with his dogs in Skagway, AK giving tours.

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