Even though this winter has been pretty light as far as snowfall totals the 40th Year of the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon is still able to happen with enough snow to cover the trails. This race brings mushers from all over the nation to compete, even though because of COVID-19 their will be no spectators on the actual course you can tune in here to watch the virtual version of the race from Duluth to Grand Portage.

This year 18 year old Ero Wallin will be competing in the full Beargrease Marathon making him the youngest musher for the main race. Last year, he finished second in the Beargrease 120 race and decided he wanted to take on a new challenge this year. For Wallin racing is a family affair his mom Colleen has been competing in the John Beargrease since 1995 and his dad Ward will be along to handle the dogs for both teams.

Colleen said:

I think he's really ready for it. He worked hard all summer long. He was involved last spring and purchasing a couple of dogs from Alaska. As we're kind of sorting through my team and his team, he knows what choices he's making. They're all his choices, we don't have any say. We don't push him in one way or the other because this is his gig.


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Ero knows that this race will be hard because it is much longer than other races he has done with more dogs and lack of rest but he said he is excited for the challenge. He has youth on his side and is an athlete in high school as well, so physically he should be in great shape to compete.  Good luck Ero we know that this race will be a great thrill and hope you and your dogs stay safe and have a great time.

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