We truly get all four seasons in the Northland - sometimes all within the same week (as the old joke goes).  While we are blessed to have a beautiful summer and fall, it is true that we have to deal with some of the most-brutal winter conditions in the country to get to those seasons.

Winter in the Northland often falls into a some-what routine pattern - with alternate periods of cold temperatures and heavy snow.  And - while everyone seems to think about the snow we get in our area, we truly only get a handful or so of large snow storms in an average winter.  But - those storms we do get can (and often do) pack a lot of moisture in them.

It's been said that weather forecasting in the Northland is a difficult task.  It's true that our geographic location and the presence of the largest freshwater lake in the world make an impact on what Mother Nature is able to throw our way. New-to-town weather forecasters often struggle to get the predictions right but if the truth was know, so do long-time, heritage meteorologists.

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All of that said, though there are ways to predict the accuracy of those snowy forecasts we get. The approach of many snow storms and the behavior of our friends and neighbors tend to fall into some pretty predictable routines.  There are signs you can look for that will help you determine just how accurate that snowy forecast really is.

Signs Of An Impending Snow Storm In The Northland

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