There's a petition at and over 2,000 people think so.

Normally there are musicians and composers in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but the question is, did the VJs and MTV make that big of a contribution to music.

You can view the petition and real-time comments from supporters here:

The petition, started by New Jersey resident and music fan Matt Guido, took off very fast with a lot of support being shown for the VJs. The original jocks in question are Martha Quinn, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter, Mark Goodman, and J.J. Jackson. They were the people that signed on MTV in August 1981. There is no argument from me that MTV changed music forever. When the station first hit, the artists that had videos were instant hits, the ones that didn't, made one right away.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has inducted mostly performers, but Dick Clark, who started in radio then hosted American Bandstand and created the American Music Awards, as well as Alan Freed, a radio guy, who some consider the father of rock, both are inducted.

So the question is again. Did they impact music that much? If you think they did, sign the petition. To view more comments from supporters on this petition,

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