Chum is asking people to add a little more when you visit the grocery store this weekend when you are buying for your family's needs. The annual Share Food Drive is taking place October 4th with the Boy Scouts and others volunteering to help collect food for families around the area.

When you enter the grocery story volunteers will hand you a list of the most needed items asking that you pick up what you can and give it to the volunteers when you pay. If you don't have time you can pick up a pre shopped bag and just donate that or you can give cash or check donations to the volunteers at the store.  From October 11 -31st Super One food stores have set up an option for you to donate when you check out at the register. The Donation period this Saturday will be between 8 am to 4 pm.

Food received will be distributed in the Duluth, Hermantown, and Cloquet Emergency Foods Shelves which has distributed more than 60,000 lbs of food to over 1,100 households.

Here is a list of the participating grocery stores:

Super One Food Stores in Duluth and Cloquet

Mount Royal Fine Foods

Cub Foods

Whole Foods Coop

Cloquet Walmart.


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