Shane Nelson was one of our guests who was a local musician who wasn't working because of COVID-19.

During his interview, he said he wanted to put together an album and release it. That he did and on his birthday September 15th. He said this collection includes songs he wrote when he was very young to songs he has recently put together.

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He is close to his Father and values his opinion. He said he had a lot of conversations with his Dad about which songs were best and which needed more work.

Shane says he grew up listening to the "Oldies" from the 50s and 60s. He said kids his age weren't listening to things like that. You can hear the older influence in his songwriting and in his production and tone.

Shane said he played everything on this project and found it hard to know when to stop adding and keep it simple. He did let us in on a little secret. He said he would listen to a song and if it made him cry or brought up emotion then it was done.


Shane did ask that people let him know what they think of this project by contacting him on his Facebook page and say what they liked or disliked. He is very excited about this project and said he picked Eric Swanson to master this project because he is fair and knows how to do the job right.

Shane has been a part of the Twin Ports music scene for a while. He has won some songwriting contests and some band contests with his band Cresent Moon. He has a great vision and great storytelling skills to put his songs.

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