Shane Nelson grew up listening to The Beatles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, and other forefathers of Rock 'N' Roll.

His early memories are of his Mom's Beatlemania things. He would listen to the White Album by the Beatles and lay on the floor before school to take in that sound. Music connected his life, and so it's no surprise he uses music to tell his stories.

Early on he would listen to all the "Oldies" from the 50s and 60s. He remarked to me that most kids his age weren't listening to things like that. He said his Mom had a guitar and that was the earliest memory of music in his household. He said it was an old GT and it broke and sat lonely in the garage, and he wanted to play it. His Dad fixed it and bought it back in for him and his brother to play. It broke again, and he remembers being so heartbroken because it did.  That led to Shane getting his own guitar.

His father played guitar and played in some bands in the area. He says he remembers him playing for fun in the house and playing some songs that he loved.

Shane got a guitar around 6 for his Birthday. His father gave it to him. I think it was because Shane connected with the guitar and his father saw it. The passion his father played with led to Shane getting his own. He would break it in by learning 3 chords and playing all the Beatles songs he could and every Buddy Holly song he could figure out.

Shane has been a part of the Twin Ports music scene for a while. He has won some songwriting contests and some band contests with his band Cresent Moon. He has a great vision and great storytelling skills to put his songs.

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