A popular community program that paired retired seniors with organizations that needed volunteer help is set to make a comeback.  The Retired and Seniors Volunteer Program (RSVP) will restart its operation locally, hosted under a new sponsor.

The relaunch will find the Retired and Seniors Volunteer Program (RSVP) housed under the umbrella of the Northwest Wisconsin Community Services Agency.  Prior to 2019, it had been housed within the Catholic Community Services agency.

There is an ongoing need for good quality volunteers for a variety of applications in our area.  An article in the Superior Telegram details that a large number of "nonprofits, schools, and public organizations such as museums and meal sites are seeking volunteers [to staff important roles], but may not have resources to recruit them".

Additionally, many of the non-profits and organizations that have staffing needs don't necessarily have the budgetary means to hire those positions out.  Programs like the RSVP help fill in the missing pieces for the needs of the community.

Young volunteer giving juice to senior people eating lunch at the canteen

So how does it work?  Interested seniors apply to the program, "making their skills and preferences known".  The federally-funded RSVP program then serves as a matchmaker, connecting those senior volunteers with the organizations - using those skill definitions as a guide.

While direct payment for their time (ala a wage or salary) isn't available, there is some financial help for the senior volunteers who take part in the RSVP program.  "A stipend is available to help with transportation costs, such as a bus pass or mileage reimbursement".

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Seniors who are interested in taking part in the RSVP and want to volunteer their time to make a difference in Northland community are invited to register.  Additionally, work sites that are looking for volunteers are also invited to sign up. The contact details for both sides is the same:  Call the Lew Martin Senior Center in Superior, 7156-394-3644 or send an email to seniorcenter@northwest-csa.org.

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