The People's Choice Awards are back and so are the Christmas Lights. I remember as a kid, my Grandma June and Aunt Lynn would pack all of us kids in the car and we would take our own tour of the lights. The addresses were listed in the News Paper of some of the better lights.

Make your own map, make some memories with your family, or start a new tradition. Pack your family in your car and take a tour of lights and you can vote for your favorite. Here's the addresses to go see:

5539 Lakewood Rd., 55804

1703 Woodbury Ln., 55803

4410 Vermilion Rd., 55803

109 Northfield St., 55803

1811 E. 6th St., 55812

6316 Tacony St., 55807

311 S. 69th Ave. W., 55807

403 S. 71st Ave. W., 55807

3202 N. Blackman Ave., 55811

2725 Exhibition Dr., 55811

5176 Morris Thomas Rd., 55811

5649 Martin Rd., 55811

1271 93rd Ave. W., 55808

202 E. McGonagle St., 55808

828 Lupine Dr., 55810

The winners will be announced the week of Dec. 16. The Mayor's Awards Ceremony is slated for Dec. 19 at 10 a.m. in Duluth Mayor Don Ness' reception room.

Don't forget to visit Bentleyville Tour of Lights To finish off the night.