You are a vampire and you want to look like you have been on a feeding frenzy, or you are a zombie and you've just eaten fresh brains, the Texas Chainsaw killer, or Freddy. These are all costumes that you could use blood with. Wouldn't it be so much cooler if you could make the blood look real. Well, this is your chance.

Doing some research on the internet I found a recipe for making real looking blood for the movies. Each movie company had their own recipe but followed this one very closely.

Remember you can make a bigger batch if you want, but here is what they use in the video

1 cup water

16 oz box of powdered sugar

1 whole bottle of red food coloring

**Secret Ingredient** 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder.

mix in blender until fully red. It will have the color and thickness of real blood.

Need some super creepy fake blood for your Halloween costume this year?Here's an easy recipe to make it yourself from science guy Steve Spangler!

Posted by 9NEWS (KUSA) on Monday, October 19, 2015

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