It's appears as though Hep Alien isn't doesn't with Stars Hollow quite yet, and neither is their talented guitarist Gil, played by real-life rocker Sebastian Bach. As many TV fans are aware, a reboot of the popular CW series Gilmore Girls is in the works for Netflix and casting news has been coming in pretty swiftly, with Sebastian Bach apparently being revealed in a recent tweet.

Todd Lowe recently shared a photo in which the members of the fictional TV band Hep Alien, which included John Cabrera, Keiko Agena and Bach alongside Lowe, are posing together. Given that the series is coming together, this would appear to signify that Bach will rejoin the TV band at some point during the series' Netflix revival.

During the original run of the show, Bach was not an original member of the band. He came on board after their original guitarist left for college. According to IMDB, Bach appeared in 13 episodes of the series.

Gilmore Girls: Seasons will air via Netflix, but an official start date has not been announced.

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