Scammers list ads for imaginary job openings for money transfer agents, mystery shoppers, payment processing agents, finance support clerks, and administrative assistants. All are just trying to get your money.

Times are tough and getting a second job to make ends meet is a reality for most families, or graduates eagerly looking for that first job. Scammers can get this info easily off job sites, so when they call or email you it sounds legit.

They then will set up a phone interview or send you out an online application, now they have your personal info.

If you see any info on the job, like it is out of the country, all work is online, ask for your bank account number or tell you to open a new account, and then send you instructions about transferring money. Beware. I am not saying all jobs are not real just that we are getting hit hard here in the North Land and the Duluth Police Department has seen an uprise with these type of scammers.

The Federal Trade Commission offers tips to help on this kind of scam. Good luck out there in your job hunt.