Sammy Hagar will release a concert recording with his new band the Circle, featuring Jason Bonham as well as former Van Halen and Chickenfoot collaborator Michael Anthony. "There hasn't been a live rock and roll album like this in years," Hagar says, "and I know you're gonna love it."

A May 19th release date has been set for At Your Service, and as you can see from the tracklist below, accurately represents last summer's Circle shows – filled with songs from Van Halen, Montrose, Hagar's solo career, Chickenfoot and Led Zeppelin. A typical evening might open with "There's Only One Way to Rock" and continue through favorites like "Rock Candy," "Whola Lotta Love," "Why Can't This Be Love?" and "Sexy Little Thing."

Pre-orders for At Your Service are set to begin next week, Hagar said, and include a free immediate download of their take on Van Halen's "Poundcake" when ordering through iTunes. Circle, which also features guitarist Vic Johnson, will then make a return to the road in April -- with previously announced shows through September. Included are stops in Las Vegas, San Juan, Orlando and Lake Tahoe, among others.

At Your Service follows Sammy Hagar's stripped-down Lite Roast album, also recorded with Johnson. That album returned to earlier highlights from Hagar's career, as well, featuring Van Halen favorites like "Finish What Ya Started" and "Dreams," coupled with solo tunes like "Eagles Fly."

Hagar has worked with Michael Anthony off and on since 1986, first with Van Halen, then with Chickenfoot and other solo configurations. He's played with Johnson since 1999, when the original lineup of Hagar's post-Van Halen solo band the Waboritas was formed. Jason Bonham -- son of late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham -- took part in Hagar's 2014 concert series, "A Journey Through the History of Rock."


1. "There's Only One Way To Rock"
2. "Rock Candy"
3. "Good Times Bad Times"
4. "Poundcake"
5. "I Can't Drive 55"
6. "Mikey Bass Solo"
7. "When It's Love"
8. "Little White Lie"
9. "When The Levee Breaks"
10. "Jason Drum Solo / Moby Dick"
11. "Why Can't This Be Love"
12. "Finish What Ya Started"
13. "Heavy Metal"
14. "Vic Guitar Solo"
15. "Best of Both Worlds"
16. "Right Now"
17. Rock and Roll"
18. "Dreams"

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