By: Maddie Meyer
Getty Images Sport

In an earlier post, I asked why Kurt Busch should be suspended from NASCAR when no charges were ever filed against him? I felt then as I do now, that Busch's rights were violated. NASCAR has now lifted Busch's suspension after he completed counseling,  and found out no charges will be filed against him according to an article in Too little too late NASCAR. Firstly, Busch, after missing the first three races, cannot possibly be in the running for the championship. Secondly, he lost a substantial amount of money by not being allowed to race. Not only was Busch unfairly treated, but his whole team was as well.

In my earlier post, I predicted NASCAR will be sued (as they should) for suspending Busch. They took away the mans livelihood and he was charged with nothing. My prediction still stands on the lawsuit. NASCAR will loose millions when Busch files suit. His racing team could also file suit, and NASCAR will loose more millions. As I said in my prior post, NASCAR is fast becoming embarrassing. In America, you're innocent until proven guilty. Busch was never charged and  no charges will be filed against him. Pay up NASCAR.