Getting the groceries you need will now be a little easier!  Instacart - a nationwide retail delivery service - has announced that they will begin service in the Duluth area starting April 26.

With Instacart, you pick the items you need and the stores you want to get them from off the website.  After making your shopping selections, the company goes to work obtaining your items and then makes the delivery - sometimes in as little as an hour.  In addition, customers have access to money-saving online coupons that can be applied towards their purchases - much like a real brick-and-mortar grocery store experience.

There is a delivery fee involved; for orders of $35.00 and more, Instacart charges $5.99.  Customers are also able to sign up for Express Membership - which initially begins with a free trial period, with $14.00 per month delivery charges per month after that.

The company is touting the fact that more than 47,000 households in the Twin Ports area will now have access to the service - including Superior.  They're also excited to potentially bring on board more than 100 new shoppers - adding dollars to the local economy.

Right now, the Instacart service is available for delivery to Duluth, Superior, Hermantown, Proctor, Oliver, Glensheen, Arnold, Chester Park, French River, Palmers, Eldes Corner, Riverview, and Ambridge.

The Instacart service follows closely to the recent announcement by the Twin Ports Walmarts that they now provide free pickup service.  (Of note - Walmarts service requires the customer to go to the store location to pick up already carted items; Instacart's service includes doorstep delivery service_


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