Your weekly Walmart trip is about to get a little faster!  If you're like most people, you find yourself making at least one trip to the big box store at least once a week - some weeks more.  Consumer shopping statistics show that those trips eat up about an hour of time on average.  If you've lamented for a faster, easier way - there's hope.

Walmart is getting ready to roll out free grocery pickup service at some of their store locations and both the Superior and Hermantown locations are part of the plans. The actual service will start on Friday, April 20.

Here's how it works:  You start your shopping by visiting, searching out the items you want or need.  At checkout, you designate a specific store that you want to pick the items up at.  You pay by credit card and the order gets sent.  A Walmart Personal Shopper at the stores location takes your list, physically shops for you, and has the items waiting at a store-designated spot for your pickup.  When you arrive at the store, you'll park in one of the spots reserved for shoppers just like you, enter the store, and retrieve your already filled and paid-for cart of items.

The service is absolutely free of charge, but there is a $30.00 minimum purchase.  While the service is available 24-hours a day seven days a week, there are a few time deadlines you should know about:  Orders received by 2:00 AM will be available for pickup by 8:00 AM and orders placed by 10:00 AM will be available starting by 1:00 PM.  Additional information can be found by clicking here.


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