While there's no immediate timetable, there are rumblings that the membership-based warehouse store chain is seriously assessing a Duluth location. Twin Ports area business development website The Development Tracker is saying they have sources pointing toward just such news. The website does emphasize that, as the title of this story says, this news is all rumor at this time. While that is the case, the information they've gathered seems to indicate a pretty high level of interest.

The sources specifically cited by TDT that the company is working with a local real estate firm to find a location for a Twin Ports area store. That's usually a sign that a business is pretty serious. Adding to the business buzz is that TDT's sources are specifically calling out a potential store site at the corner of Arrowhead Road and Haines Road in Hermantown, among other potential locations.


In an era where many chain retailers are struggling, Costco is in expansion mode. The company lists on their website a roster of 10 recently opened or soon-to-open locations, including one in St. Cloud. Winsight Grocery Business is also reporting that a location in Eagan is also on the horizon for the end of 2019. This growth, and particularly the expansion in to a market like St. Cloud, would also make it seem like interest in Duluth wouldn't be far-fetched.

Circling back to TDT's story, they point out that beyond the expansion detailed above, there are additional locations in the works between now and 2022. None of those are Duluth at this time. They also point out that there have previously been rumors about Costco coming to Duluth as far back as 2016. Check out their entire story here.

All of that said, the Twin Ports market would make sense as an expansion location for the company. Are the rumors true? Unfortunately we'll have to wait and see. If you're a fan of the chain, it'll be something to keep an eye on. We will as well!

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