Any driver who passed their test knows what the law says about emergency vehicles:  You pull over and stop when you hear sirens and see flashing lights, letting the police, fire, or ambulance squads safely pass you by.  The law is slightly different, though when it comes to roundabouts.

I thought this social media post from a Wisconsin sheriffs office was good advice for Northlanders - who are relatively new to the roundabout intersection. With a couple of roundabouts in northern Wisconsin (Superior, Ashland) and a few in northern Minnesota (Chisholm, Hibbing, one planned for Hermantown) the issue is going to come up at some point.

Unlike usual protocol in such cases, you shouldn't stop in a roundabout to let emergency vehicles pass;  you need to clear the intersection.  If you encounter the siren or lights before you enter the roundabout, you should remain at the entrance until the vehicle goes by.  If you are already inside the roundabout, immediately vacate the intersection at the soonest-available right hand turn and then pull off to the side as per-usual.

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