I love stories about good people. All we hear about NFL players is the money, the greed, the guys that fail drug tests and so on. Here's this Rookie Lineman who didn't wait for help to come and resued some kayakers and became a hero.

Offensive lineman are usually programmed to save one person and one person only; their quarterback. That can't be said for Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie Ted Larsen, who is being called a hero after answering a distress call as he and his girlfriend were fishing off Honeymoon Island on Wednesday.

Larsen, a rookie out of North Carolina State, said he heard the distress call from the Coast Guard around 3 p.m. and when he checked the coordinates, headed over to find two kayakers overturned, holding onto their vessels for dear life. According to the St. Petersburg Times, Larsen pulled up the teens and their kayaks and shuttled them to safety.

via Bucs rookie lineman turned hero after saving overturned kayakers - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports.