As I was watching a hockey game the other night I was missing my hero Wayne Gretzky. He was always a gentleman, always a competitor, always an ambassador for the game. I felt for a while, that when he left hockey went to crap, and so did most other sports.

When I talked to a friend of mine, who is older, he said that When Gordy Howe and Bobby Orr left the game it went sour. I started paying attention to some of the sports players we have now. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning from the NFL would be good guys to look up to. Sydney Crosby and Our own Alex Staylock formerly of UMD would be good guys to look up to. There are new guys, like Soccer players and other sports that have come to the forefront.

Lebron James seems to be a good guy and showed that he is about family and home and taking care of the people that took care of him.Tim Duncan is a very honorable guy to look up to.

We should have local heros too. I think we all should hold ourselves to a high standard anyway, but there are some good guys out there.

Just to talk a little about the female athletes, they always seem to inspire. There are very few bad women athletes. So, my hat is off to them. There are plenty of women that are doing well and living good lives.

So when we see the Ray Rices or other guys getting in trouble, remember the media needs a story, for every one in trouble, there are thousands living a good life and trying hard.