The Rolling Stones may not be the only band keeping Ron Wood busy in 2015.

Speaking with about his new book, 'How Can It Be? A Rock & Roll Diary,' Wood revealed that the recent reunion of the surviving Faces members for Rod Stewart's birthday party may finally lead to a long-discussed tour.

"Well, we just played at Rod’s 70th birthday a couple of weekends ago in L.A.," Wood recalled, talking about how he, Stewart, and drummer Kenney Jones got up on stage for a brief set that included ‘Stay With Me’ and ‘Sweet Little Rock and Roller.’ "Rod and Kenney were very enthusiastic about a Faces reunion."

The problem, as it's often been, is one of scheduling -- in Wood's case, there's his looming obligation to the Stones, whom he says will tour the U.S. this summer. But he isn't willing to rule the Faces out entirely.

"I said, ‘Give me a break! I’ve gone out with the Stones over the summer, I’ve got my artwork to do, I’m up to my neck in projects!’ But you never know," mused Wood. "We were thinking of getting a test show together, and if something comes of it, then we might come to America."

Any reunion would sadly come too late to include keyboard player and singer Ian McLagan, who passed away last year; as Wood noted, McLagan's death impacted the Stones as well -- and hit them particularly hard, given that longtime Stones sideman Bobby Keys also died the same week.

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