While you were busy eating turkey this long holiday weekend - and avoiding the Romaine lettuce in the salad, government officials were busy tracking the source of the lettuce that has been linked to an E. coli outbreak in multiple states.  And - it appears that they may have been successful.

According to news reports, the Food and Drug Administration has determined that the Romaine in question "most likely" came from California.  FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb suggested that the determination came from studying the growing season and harvesting patterns.

To combat future outbreaks and concerns like the one that first hit the news just days before Thanksgiving, the FDA is suggesting changes to labeling.  Moving to a standard label - one that lists the state or city of origin - could be beneficial in tracking and stemming future outbreaks like this one.

The FDA continues to call for consumers to avoid eating all Romaine lettuce products - both in original stalk form and in processed salad kit bags.  So far 11 states have reported E. coli cases, making 32 people sick.


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