Is there a happy medium between rock n roll music we hear on radio and a "live" concert? It's great to have Kool 101.7 pumpin out the the Northland's Superhits 24/7 right? And, it's great to see some of those artists live in concert too (although it can get a little "spendy" How about a happy medium between those two? Something that allows you to hear your favorite artists and yet see and feel  that same artist as if  attending a live concert? I think I've found the answer  in "Rock Documentaries"  It gives you the feeling of being right where the action is, as well as behind the scene footage that few people get to enjoy. Rolling Stone has their 15 Best Rock Docs (which isn't bad) available on Netflix (click the link below). I've seen several of them and for the most part found them very good. Are they perfect Rayman? No, but they do work as a go-between radio and live concerts. It works for me. Enjoy.

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