Robin Meade was so much fun to talk to. You know her from HLN and Morning Express, but she sings and writes music as well.

Robin was born a preacher's daughter and said her father forbade her to do music. He said that life was not for her. She said she found out it wasn't like both her and her father thought it was, and she met many musicians doing the news and covering stories. She said she was able to cover some Country Music events and networked with some of the big wigs, which led her to meet Victoria Shaw, who has written and produced some of the biggest songs. Robin said she asked her to teach her about writing and Victoria said ok, then they started working together on Robin's music. Robin says it was her experience in news being a little pushy that allowed her to get gutsy and ask Victoria for help.

Robin has also written and worked with other giants in music. She says it's just lucky that she networks well. Robin has been known to sing on TV and music festivals. She says she loves her job but she also enjoys being creative and entertaining. When I asked her how she made the transition from news to music, she said they are both about life. She said you have to tell a story in both and that is how she sees it, one helps her with the other.

At one point she turned the interview on me and started interviewing me when we had some things in common, which was funny. We both like reading liner notes and still buy CDs when we can instead of downloads.

I just want to say thank you to Robin Meade, she was a joy to interview and is exactly the person you see on TV, which is someone who is bubbly and kind.

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