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Singer Rihanna says she'll never end up on rehab because she thrives on pressure. Gentlemen, place your bets, how long before we report she’s on a bender and gets photographed nude with or without another famous star and pointing her middle finger at the camera?







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Ryan O'Neal has been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer, but is expected to make a full recovery. Isn’t stage 4 bad? I’ll follow up on that one.







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Someone went into an LA-area studio last week and stole five guitars from Tom Petty and his Heartbreakers'. Five favorite guitars that they were planning to take along with them on a U.S. and European tour. They're offering a $7500 reward, no questions asked. OK WHAT WAS AXL ROSE DOING!!!






By: Kevin Winter Getty Images Entertainment

HERE’S THE HOT POOP!!!! Big rumor going on about "The Office" is that there could be a series reboot next fall... with all new faces. NBC is not saying a word and I haven’t heard the production company confirm this either. So much Gossip this week, I think it’s FABULOUS!!

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