Up South was started by Mike Villalva, who had been singing, writing, and performing in Nashville and wanted the band feeling back.

He came to Minnesota and started the band in 2014. Danny joined the band in 2017.

Mike started playing piano and did not love it, because he wanted to be Jerry Lee Lewis, but the teacher wanted him to play mary had a little lamb. He picked up guitar in high school and that was it.

Danny began playing his Mom's cookie jars with wooden spoons and would make noise with that, to him it was drums. Later on he found a misplaced set and started teaching himself.

Mike wanted Up South to be the updated country sound but wanted to have steel guitar in the mix to give it that country sound.

When I asked them what their best band story was they told me they were playing a place and sheriff deputies came in and raided the place. Mike said it wasn't funny when it was happening but it is funny now.

They have "Far Too Long" and "Paradise" out for singles. They are currently recording their EP (until the social distancing is gone). Right now they work by sending each other phone files while the gigs are on hold.

Up South is:

Mike Villalva - Vocals/Guitar
Jason Biechler - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Josh Braun - Pedal Steel/Fiddle
Kevin Barnes - Bass/Vocals
Danny Martdi- Drums

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